MQR Mixtape is currently accepting submissions for Disorder, an issue guest edited by Chloe Alberta.

In a memoir about her persistent and debilitating autoimmune disorder, Sarah Manguso writes, “And couldn’t the decay be called by many other names—for instance, my life?” What does it mean when our bodies or brains don’t function as we’re told they should? How do we sculpt manageable lives out of a chaotic world, as individuals or as a collective? Where do we see the push/pull between disorder and control—of our bodies, of the structures of society we’re born into? 

I’m looking for writing and art that explores the idea of disorder in its multitude of meanings: medical, psychological, organizational, social, linguistic. Send me writing about confusion, disruption, chronic illness, mental health, unorganized cupboards, systems dissolving, clothes on backwards, a crowd in the moments after disaster. And/or, send me disorder on the physical page. Words that shouldn’t go next to each other, or stories with messy chronologies, or scattered, fragmented structures. I want your beautiful nonsense. 

I’m a fan of brevity—for this particular issue, please keep submissions under 3,000 words (I love short shorts/flash, <1000 words is particularly exciting to me!). In addition to short fiction, flash, creative nonfiction, and poetry, Mixtape welcomes nontraditional submissions such as multimedia work, comics, collaborations (within and across disciplines), archival materials, science writing, correspondences, photo essays, short films, home movies, meditations on favorite poems or stories, recorded conversations and podcast-style recordings, erasures, short plays, etc.  

Click here to submit to MQR Mixtape: DisorderSubmissions close November 30, 2022.