by Trevor KS 

In the arbitrarily

  Of the early
  21st century, I am

  Because I manage
  To be nobody

  In particular.
  I took out student
  Loans to pay for my

  Student loans. I’ll take
  Any shampoo
  That can make

   A man out of me.
   In nobody’s shopping
  -Cart throat, the throat

   Pitches: it’s
   Pride Month, it’s pets.
   Rainbow dog collars on

   Sale two-for-one.
   [Don’t YOU Want
   A Partner You Can

   Strut Your Pups With?]
   Toss in a whole

   Of believing
   Sheer curtains before
   The wind

   Steps skeleton-
   Through. In this piggybank
   Skin glowing

   With plot, in all
   The stupendous money

   To be offered
   In the afterlife,
   Inside so much

   Lovingkindness, sorry, I am
   Occupied. In the one
   -Bedroom apartment I can

   Barely afford to share
   With you. At least
   Let me reach

   Toward your face,
   Beloved roommate.
   Let me touch

   The green prairie
   Of your face.

Trevor KS (Kildiszew-Sikorski) is a poet, researcher, and former backyard-goat parent from Southern California and Portland, Oregon. He/they have degrees from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Portland State University. You can find other publications by them in Brink, HushLit, and Modern Haiku.