Prospective Students

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students interested in Fall 2020 matriculation may email Dr. Monk directly to inquire about availability, current research projects, and adviser fit.

Undergraduate Students

The TaDLab is no longer accepting RA applications for Fall 2019. However, we plan on accepting more students during the Winter 2020 semester. Please check back next semester if you are still interested in becoming an RA in the TaDLab.

Dr. Christopher Monk’s Translational & Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory (TaDLab) is looking for responsible, diligent, and enthusiastic undergraduate students to help with our ongoing research projects. As a research assistant you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of developmental and clinical research-related tasks such as visits with participants, data collection and entry, statistical and computational analyses, and many others! You will learn invaluable research skills and gain hands-on experience working directly with our graduate students and lab team, as well as providing a significant contribution to the field of developmental psychology and neuroscience.

Benefits to consider:

  • Gain experience with fMRIs and neuroimaging
  • Have the rare opportunity to engage in unique, specialized clinical research
  • Interact and work with study participants
  • Learn the “in’s-and-out’s” of IRB protocol
  • Receive valuable experience and a list of references for future jobs/internships
  • Potential to write an Honors Thesis


  • Undergraduates can volunteer or receive course credit through PSYCH 326
  • Having experience in a research laboratory is an excellent way to enrich your resume/CV (especially a lab at U of M!) and may qualify you for greater future opportunities
  • Highly recommended for undergraduates interested in pursuing Master’s or Ph.D. programs

The TaDLab looks for the following characteristics in undergraduate applications:

  • Psychology or related major
  • 3.5 GPA or higher
  • A commitment of 2+ semesters
  • Evening or weekend availability

Please note that we do not accept RA applications through email or the Research Opportunity Tool. Undergraduates must complete the online survey in order to be considered. Undergraduates interested in completing UROP, Psych 331, or Honors Thesis requirements should specify this in their online application, rather than sending an email.

Undergraduate Research Programs

  • Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
  • Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Opportunity (NURO)
  • Summer Intensive Research Experiences in Neuroscience (SIREN)