Coordination of Plant Immunity, Growth, and Development

Plant immune receptors PRRs are receptor-like kinases (RLKs) and receptor-like proteins (RLPs), many of which are implicated in sensing extrinsic and intrinsic signals, and govern diverse cellular responses. The signaling pathways mediated by leucine-rich repeat RLKs and RLPs converge at a small group of RLKs, namely somatic embryogenesis receptor kinases (SERKs), via ligand-induced heterodimerization and transphosphorylation. As shared coreceptors in diverse signaling receptorsomes, SERKs exhibit functional plasticity, yet maintain a high degree of signaling specificity. We study how SERKs maintain the functional specificity in plant immunity, cell death contamination, growth, and cell differentiation, and the regulation and activation mechanisms of SERK-associated receptorsomes.

SERKs function as co-receptors mediating various physiological responses by complexing with different receptors. See Current Biology (2020)30: PR293-R294.

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