News and Awards

2023-Rachel granted 2023 NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellowship

2023-Rachel wins 2nd in the 9th Plant Breeding Symposium

2022 – Rachel wins 3rd in the TAMU Genome Editing Symposium Poster Competition

2022 – Brendan and Catherine win ASPB travel awards to attend Plant Biology 2022 Conference

2022 – Zunyong Liu earns Early Career Scientist Award at the 7th Xanthomonas Genomics Conference

2022 – Miguel receives the 2022-2023 STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship
2022 – Dr. Shan is awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award by the Texas A&M Association of Former Students
2021 – Dr. Shan receives $1.9 million Outstanding Investigator Award
2021 – Barbara Rodrigues and Chao Zhang win 2nd and 3rd place in the GES Lightning Talk competition
2021 – Brendan Mormile wins 1st place poster at the Plant Pathology and Microbiology Annual Symposium
2021 – Barbara Rodrigues wins a travel award from the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
2020 – Plant science discovery may help treat allergies and immune deficiencies
2020 – Plant science discovery may help treat allergies and immune deficiencies
2020 – AgriLife biochemist Libo Shan named EDGES Fellow
2020 – Research to advance crop resilience
2019 – Dr. Fausto Andrés Ortiz-Morea, a researcher from Universidad de la Amazonia in Colombia, is a recipient of the Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences.
2019 – Former Ph.D student Kevin Cox Jr. was named one of only 15 Hanna H. Gray Fellows by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
2018 – Dr. Shan named to Christine Richardson Professorship in Agriculture
2017 – Secret weapon of smart bacteria tracked to “sweet tooth”
2017 – How science projects led to a career for Kevin Cox
2017 – Kevin Babilonia is featured on the Texas A&M homepage video
2014 – Libo Shan recognized by U.S. plant biologists society with Charles Albert Shull Award