Lab Activities

2023 An’s Graduation. Congrats!

2023 Lab moving, Good bye, Texas and Hello, Michigan!

2023 Brendan, Catherine, and Barbara’s graduation & Good bye Gabriel, Jiaxing, DongDong, An, and Jun!

2023 April lab party at Lake Bryan

2023 Crawfish boiling party at Dr.No’s house

2022 Christmas white elephant event

2022 Lahong’s Graduation & Good bye Ali and Addison!

2022 Lab retreat to Huntsville!

2021 Christmas lunch at Rudder Tower!

2021 One last celebration with Xiyu, who will be missed by all after his move to Harvard!

2021 Finally letting a little loose after such a long time in quarantine (Post vaccines!)

2020 celebrating Dr. Manhaes

2019 celebrating Dr. Babilonia

2018 Christmas door

2017 Christmas party

2017 Fall Picnic

2016 Christmas party

2016 Spring Picnic

2016 PLPM Poster Symposium

2015 Fall Potluck

2015 TAMU Fourth of July fireworks

2015 Summer party 

2014 Christmas party

2014 Christmas party at Norman E. Borlaug Center

2014 Summer

2013 Summer

2012 Wildflower trip

2012 Spring

2011 Spring camping

 Lab Weekly Meeting