Find Your Voice

The views expressed below are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or my department.

Over the past few days, we have seen terrible images of police brutality, of institutionalized racism, of a complete vacuum of federal leadership, and of the eruption of long pent-up and horrifically earned rage. If you don’t understand why this is happening, then take the time to educate yourself on the simple facts of the overwhelming inequality in this country. Read the words of Dr. Robert Sellers here as he explains what it’s like to have lived a lifetime of this. If you don’t condemn this reality, then you are tacitly condoning it.

Our son is four – as unfathomable as Covid-19 has been, I had the words and the patience to explain over and over again why his life had changed so profoundly until he could understand, but I don’t have the words yet to explain to him what happened to Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbury, or George Floyd or any of their predecessors. It’s the very definition of senseless. We’ve lost the innocent ritual of him crawling into bed in the morning while I read the news and explain the pictures, because I can’t explain the pictures to him any longer. I don’t have the words yet, but I will find them. I do have these words to say to anyone who is listening now:

If you’re horrified and don’t know what to say, find your voice. Even if you think that you’re already an ally, find your voice. If you wouldn’t accept what is happening in other communities in your community, find your voice. If you think that no one should live in fear, find your voice. If the events of the past week resonate with you at all as a human being, find your voice. In November, find your voice.