Graduate Students

Lilian Cabrera-Haro, M.S.

Lilian Cabrera-Haro is a doctoral student in the Cognitive and Affective Neuropsychology Laboratory. She is interested in how cognition changes across the lifespan, with a focus on memory and executive processes. She is also interested in factors that influence memory accuracy. She is currently examining how reward value and incentives influence what we remember.

She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Psychology and received her masters in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento.
Lilian enjoys traveling and trying new food. When she has some free time, she enjoys catching up on some of her favorite TV shows.
CV: Lilian Cabrera C.V


Colleen Frank, M.S.

Colleen Frank is a doctoral candidate in the Cognitive and Cognitive Neuroscience area of the Psychology Department at UM. She is interested in the interaction between cognitive and affective processing, age-related changes, and memory interventions.

Before coming to the University of Michigan, she received her B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.

When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and dining at the local Ann Arbor restaurants.
CV: Colleen Frank C.V.


Kathy Xie, B.S.

Kathy Xie is a doctoral student in Psychology concentrating in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience. She is interested in using working memory training and noninvasive brain stimulation to decrease the negative effects of aging on cognition. She graduated from Northwestern University, with a B.S. in Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders. Outside of research, Kathy likes to read, watch TV, go to concerts, and eat her way through cities.

CV: Kathy Xie C.V.