Lab Pictures

Lab Dinner at Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery (2016)


End of Year Party (2014)
Left to Right: Diana, Ben, Kyle, Katherine, Patti, Aurora


End of Year Party (2014)
Left to right: Tiffany, Ziyong, Patti, Katherine, Ben


Lab Picnic (May 2015)
Left to Right (Front): Sarah, Kaitlyn, Ziyong, Katherine, Diana, Patti, Shelby
Left to Right (Back): Kyle, Ben, Ellen, Nick


Aurora’s UROP Poster (Spring 2015)

Ziyong’s Team – End of Year Party (2014)
Left to Right: Sarah, Ziyong, Natalie, and Dylan)

Lab Dinner Party (December 2014)

Lab Team (2009)