What is QMSS?

The Quantitative Methods in the Social Science (QMSS) represents the intersection between Michigan’s excellence in the social sciences and the data science field to study and address real-world issues. Our world today generates massive amounts of data from our interactions with multiple types of devices, digitized documents, etc. without researcher intervention. Having a background in the social sciences is growing more relevant and beneficial to comb through and find insights within data. The University’s QMSS minor develops the skills that prepare graduates for the rapidly evolving field of human data analysis.

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About Our Blog

Our blog’s mission is to equip and empower undergraduate students to tackle today’s societal phenomena and issues through an interdisciplinary lens that focuses on quantitative analysis techniques and strategies. The QMSS Program’s student-run blog grants writers the space to build from the themes and subjects within the QMSS curriculum and investigate their relevance today. Students must, therefore, engage with contemporary topics in their respective fields and explore their value within data. The blog posts address news within the program, social science topics at Michigan and beyond, and the rewards of QMSS in the endeavors following graduation. This blog is an outlet for students to exercise the University of Michigan’s goal to apply knowledge to challenge the present and enrich the future.

As we enter an unpredictable age of ‘the data revolution’ escalated by new technologies and the growing need for analyzed data, today’s students are responsible for putting methods to the madness.

Further Information:

If you are considering the minor or are currently enrolled in the program and interested in writing blog posts, please send an email to qmss.program@umich.edu.

If you would like to notify blog writers about concerns or edits involving existing content, please send an email to qmss.blog@umich.edu.