About the QMSS Minor

Quantitative Methods in the Social Science (QMSS) is a minor for undergraduate students that unites Michigan’s excellence in the social sciences with the current revolution in data sciences. The innovative, flexible, and interdisciplinary 17-credit minor exposes students to research technique and strategy – design, procedures, and analytics – providing them with the necessary skills to understand and address critical real-world issues. Drawing from various social science disciplines, the program complements students’ understanding of empirical social sciences with LSA’s technical training for quantitative analytics. QMSS students will graduate Michigan with the hands-on experience that many individuals are not exposed to until their graduate or professional careers. These skills prepare students for post-graduate programs or careers across a variety of industries.

Further Information:

If you would like to learn more about the QMSS minor, curriculum, and advising, please follow this link to our DEPARTMENT WEBSITE.