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QMSS Program News

The New Minor With Major Value
Showing Our Face on the Student Market: QMSS Summer Informational Meeting
What is QMSS 201?

Beyond QMSS

Boosting Your Candidacy for a Highly-Automated Future
Data Analysis: Python? or R? – A Debate
Exploring Internship Opportunities in QMSS
What Google Trends Reveal About QMSS
A Quantitative Look into Dr. Santa Ono
Putting Methods to the (March) Madness: A Quantitative Look at NCAA Tournament History
A Quantitative Look at Urban Public Transportation
QMovie Reviews: Moneyball
A Quantitative Look at the 2023 Oscars

Data & Social Science News

Research and Reform Movements: The Necessity of an Intersectional Lens
The Role of Research in Today’s COVID-19 Reality
Using Data to your Advantage: Make and Keep Better New Year’s Resolutions
Using Data to Your Advantage: Winning at Wordle
Machine Learning and the Quest for a Perfect March Madness Bracket
Celebrating Women in Data Science and Fighting Algorithmic Bias: Part 1
Celebrating Women in Data Science and Fighting Algorithmic Bias: Part 2
Why Your View of the World May be Completely Wrong
A Quantitative Look at the Big10’s Expansion
P=.05: Is There No Alternative?
A Quantitative Look at New Year’s Resolutions in 2023
Serial Killer Statistics
The New World of ChatGPT
Artificial Intelligence and Artistic License
Are IRS Tax Algorithms Racist?

Social Sciences at Michigan

The Dunning-Kruger Effect in Today’s Digital Domain
Measuring Happiness: American Individualism vs. Danish Hygge
Podcast Review- The Measure of Everyday Life
More Podcast Recommendations for QMSS Fans
Interesting Findings from a Student-run Greenwashing Study

Data Detectives Series

Should we Ditch Daylight Savings Time?
Voight and the Colonial Witch Hunts
Consequences of Voight and the Colonial Witch Hunts