Reading Group

The critic is the strategist in the literary struggle…
He who cannot take sides must keep silent.” —Walter Benjamin
“Never solidarity before criticism…”  —Edward W. Said


This Michigan-based Theories of Critique reading group is inspired by a multiplicity of authors, critics, and schools, produced globally, thus problematizing the Eurocentric boundaries between theories produced by/for Europeans and non-Europeans. This workshop is a “lab” were we experiment with ideas by juxtaposing schools of thought and readings texts contrapuntally aiming at:

  • Decentering both the hegemonic status of Euro-American worlds and the privileged role of elite ‘Global South’ writers
  • Learning from new venues of criticism and solidarity produced from the local and global margins
  • Forging conversations and solidarity among marginalized and segregated theories, individuals, and communities

Reading Group Events

Our events are coordinated with the HUSSLab at the American University in Cairo as part of the AUC-Michigan partnership initiative, supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.