Spring Conference

Each year, UMInDS maintains visibility for contemporary disability studies in cross-campus events, many expanding on the notion of an academic presentation, and offering alternative ways of conceptualizing what research exchange can mean. Events offer cross-disciplinary engagement (for instance, with literary studies, screen arts, higher education studies, critical race studies and psychology, among others).

In the Spring semester, UMInDS supports a conference event to offer innovative disability studies programming to the wider university community, to the local Ann Arbor community, and the national conversation on our topics.

Links to our some of our past arts-based Spring events:

Spring 2016: Crip Futurities: The Then and There of Disability Studies

Spring 2015: Disability/Culture: New Grounds. The program of our 2015 week-long intensive.

Spring 2012: Disability/Culture: Research in Motion. A video charting this arts-based research event.

Spring 2007: The Anarcha Performative Research Symposium: Black Culture/Disability Culture.


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