Steering Committee

Core Organizing Team (including current teachers of Rackham 580):


Robert Adams, Associate Professor of Architecture (Chair 2016/17)

Jane Berliss-Vincent, Assistive Technology Manager

Anna Kirkland, Associate Professor, Political Science and Women’s Studies

Petra Kuppers, Professor, English (on leave)

Stephanie Rosen, Accessibility Specialist, University of Michigan Library

Melanie Yergeau, Assistant Professor, English


Support Group

Jack Bernard, Attorney, Office of the General Counsel

Susan H. Brown, Associate Dean, Division of Kinesiology

John Carson, Associate Professor, History

Els Nieuwenhuijsen Eldersveld, Adjunct Member, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Jeffrey E. Evans, Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Carolyn Grawi, Director of Advocacy and Education, Ann Arbor CIL

David Halperin, Professor, Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative in English

Sonya Miller, Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Margaret R. Somers, Professor, Sociology and History


Remembering Tobin Siebers, Professor, English Language and Literature (long-time Chair of UMInDS)

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