Philippine Collections at UMMAA

The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (UMMAA) is home to over 25,000 items originating from the Philippines. What are they? Where are they from? Join us as we explore these collections and discover their stories.

Explore Items by Ethnolinguistic Group

The Philippines is home to over 180 ethnolinguistic groups, many of which are represented in our collections. Are these pieces related your family or community? Was anything in this collection made by your ancestors?

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The ReConnect/ReCollect Project

This website was created as part of ReConnect/ReCollect: Reparative Connections to Philippine Connections.  At the heart of our project are three interrelated interventions: reparative curationreparative connections to community, and reparative scholarship. Through this website, we hope to connect with the Filipino community in a space where they can directly comment and give feedback on our decolonizing project.

Learn more about the ReConnect/ReCollect Project on their website.

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