Ongoing Projects

There are several ongoing projects in the M(SD) lab that are consistent with its core research areas and reflective of its research themes. Many projects are collaborative, utilizing data collected around the world. Projects with primary data collection conducted by the M(SD) lab are listed below. If you are interested in participating, click here.

Daily Diary Oral Contraceptive (DDOC) Study. The purpose of DDOC is to examine how rises and falls in endogenous and exogenous hormones are related to sex differences and psychological fluctuations behavior, affect, and cognition. To accomplish this, the lab uses ambulatory assessment methods – collecting psychological diaries and cognitive test results for 75 consecutive days – in naturally cycling women, women using particular types of oral contraceptives, and men. Data analysis includes growth curve modeling, p-technique (i.e., person-specific factor analysis), and behavioral network modeling with GIMME.

IT Study. The purpose of the IT Study is to examine whether and how exogenous sex hormones, such as estradiol, are related to brain and behavioral sex differences in affect and cognition. To accomplish this, the lab uses questionnaires, cognitive tests, and functional magnetic resonance imaging in combination with a repeated measures design of a natural experiment – women who are taking combined oral contraceptives or using a hormonal intrauterine device. Data analysis includes network connectivity mapping with GIMME.

Emoji Study. The purpose of the Emoji Study is to reveal how emotions are related to depression in individuals’ day-to-day lives, and how these daily processes differ for men and women. To accomplish this, the lab uses a 100-day diary study in which participants varying in depressive symptomatology complete a novel emoji-based daily emotion measure as well as measures of daily experiences, stress, and depression. Data analysis includes p-technique behavioral network modeling with GIMME. This study is funded by the University of Michigan Depression Center and the MICHR Pilot Grants Program. We are currently recruiting participants for this study. Get details here!