The application process for fall 2022 is closed. 

First-year students can apply to Honors near the end of their first term or first year. Read more on this process HERE

Having trouble logging in or uploading your essays? You MUST create AND authenticate a U-M Friend account (which is NOT your Enrollment Connect account) in order to apply. Scroll down to “Troubleshooting” at the bottom of this page for information on creating a Friend account and for authentication instructions. For Honors Application dates/deadlines, link HERE.

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The application process for fall 2022 for incoming first-year students is closed.

Please note that you must be admitted to LSA as an incoming first-year student in order to access the application. Please know that unless you have already paid your enrollment deposit, you must create AND fully authenticate a U-M “friend” account in order to apply to Honors. Scroll down for authentication instructions.

Grades and test scores are a small part of what goes into our admissions decision-making. That’s why we require all students who apply to the program to write additional essays as part of their application to Honors. 

Don’t approach these questions as you would traditional application essay prompts. We want to know how you think, how your mind works—so show us! Think outside the box or inside of it, but don’t get caught in the trap of trying to write the “right” answer, because there isn’t one.

The 2022 LSA Honors Essay Questions

To apply to Honors, you will need to complete two essays. Every applicant must answer the first essay prompt (Essay A). For the second essay (Essay B), please respond to one of the second group of choices. If you are using outside sources, you MUST cite them. Any citation style is acceptable—just be consistent. NOTE: Citations are not included in the essay word limit.

You MUST include both essays in ONE single document in order to successfully upload your application. Multiple documents/submissions are NOT accepted. To apply, click the button on the left to log into Wolverine Access. Problems applying? Scroll down for troubleshooting.


Essay A (Please limit essay to no more than 150 words):​

Tell us why you are interested in Honors. What makes Honors a good fit for your goals and interests?

AND Essay B (choose one of the following prompts. Please limit your essay to 500-1000 words):

1.) Research shows that music can have healing effects comparable to those of pharmaceutical or traditional medicines1, 2. Who or what heals you?

-question submitted by Elaina Baker, class of 2021

2.) Some words in the English language have interesting, even wacky histories: “jeans,” “sandwich,” “ketchup.” For this prompt, create a new word in any language and give it a backstory.

3.)  Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” The contemporary Quantified Self movement suggests “the unquantified life is not worth living” and celebrates how modern wearable tech and other information technology tools allow us to measure almost everything we do. Do we know ourselves better? Are our lives richer as a result?

4.) “School is a game, but a bad one.” Discuss.


  1. Chanda, M. L., & Levitin, D. J. (2013). The neurochemistry of music. Trends in cognitive sciences17(4), 179–193. 
  2. Särkämö, T., Tervaniemi, M., Laitinen, S., Forsblom, A., Soinila, S., Mikkonen, M., Autti, T., Silvennoinen, H. M., Erkkilä, J., Laine, M., Peretz, I., & Hietanen, M. (2008). Music listening enhances cognitive recovery and mood after middle cerebral artery stroke. Brain, 131(3), 866–976.


Don’t have a U-M Friend Account? Go HERE to create one! (Please know that after creating the account, you MUST authenticate it before you can submit!)

If you receive an error message after clicking the “Upload Your Essay” button on the left and attempting to log in with your U-M Friend account, you may not have completed all of the required steps to authenticate your U-M Friend account. Use this LINK to access information on troubleshooting your Friend account.​

After you have created a Friend account, you will need to log in to “New and Prospective Student Business” on Wolverine Access Gateway (which is under the “Students” tab), then enter your UMID and date of birth to authenticate the Friend account and get access to your application status.

We suggest using either Chrome or Internet Explorer to access the submission site. Firefox has been linked to problems while uploading for many students.

Receiving the Reply

Your Honors reply will go to either (1) the email account that is linked to your U-M application, if you have not paid your U-M deposit or (2) your email address, if your deposit has been paid.