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Since 1932, the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (formerly the Museum of Anthropology) has been publishing academic books that feature excellent scholarship, meticulous research, and innovative interpretation. We continue this tradition today, publishing data-rich monographs on the archaeology and ethnology of North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Our comprehensive books include numerous illustrations, photographs, tables, and charts. They are priceless records of archaeological data, relevant to current and future research.

Warning: Some of our publications do contain images of human remains. We provide this warning for those individuals who do not wish to see photographs of human burials and human skeletal remains. In particular, this warning is posted out of respect for members of descendant communities who do not want to view images of their deceased ancestors.

As a museum and as scholars and authors, we are in the process of changing how we do research on human remains and how we present the results of that research. We thank the Native Americans who have worked with us over the years to institute these changes and who continue to collaborate with us, via the NAGPRA process, to bring their Ancestors home.

We present the research in these books in the spirit of that collaboration.

If you have concerns or questions about this warning or the contents of this book, please contact the director of the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology.

New Book

The Evolution of Settlement Systems in the Region of Vohemar, Northeast Madagascar

by Henry T. Wright, Robert E. Dewar, Chantal Radimilahy, and Lucien M. A. Rakotozafy

In four seasons of intensive archaeological survey in the Vohemar region of Madagascar, researchers found evidence of many settlements dating to different periods: a large port site dating to the fourteenth century (the same era as large cemetery nearby); early estuarine villages of the eighth to tenth centuries; and a rock shelter with microlithic tools.

Order through the University of Michigan Press.

Memoir No. 63, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan, 2022
8.5 x 11 inches; 188 pages; 16 color illustrations, 30 b&w


Print ISBN: 978-1-951538-70-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951538-71-2

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