Tribal and Chiefly Warfare in South America

Elsa M. Redmond

This book presents new data on warfare from both ethnohistoric and ethnographic sources. The author documents principal differences between tribal and chiefly warfare; outlines the evidence archaeologists can expect to recover from warfare; and formulates testable hypotheses on the role of warfare in social and political evolution. This monograph is part of a series on Latin American Ethnohistory and Archaeology.

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Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Year of Publication: 1994

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Pages: 148

Price: $25

Print ISBN: 978-0-915703-35-7

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951519-98-8

Monograph Series / Number: Memoirs No. 28

Tables / Illustrations: 2 tables, 66 illustrations


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