Katie Emery – BERRIDGE LAB

Katie Emery

Biopsychology Graduate Student

Curriculum Vitae


In my research, I am interested in the overlap between stress systems and incentive motivation. Specifically, I am interested in identifying the corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) circuits that are involved in incentive motivation and how stress or drug exposure might change these circuits.

Current projects:

  • ¬†Activation of CRF neurons following long access cocaine self-administration
  • ¬†Antagonism of CRF peptide during activation of CRF systems through optogenetic self stimulation
  • The role of CRF neurons in incentive motivation and reward choice (sucrose vs cocaine)

Techniques: optogenetics, pharmacology, immunohistochemistry and flourescent microscopy, operant, self-stimulation and other behavioral paradigms

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