To accomplish our goal of understanding the world around us one molecule at a time, the Biteen Lab pursues three closely integrated research thrusts:

(1) Answering fundamental questions about microbial cell biology with single-molecule and super-resolution imaging of biomolecular motions in living bacteria.

Recent Representative Publications

  • Y. Li, Z. Chen, L.A. Matthews, L.A. Simmons* and J.S. Biteen*, “Dynamic Exchange of Two Essential DNA Polymerases during Replication and after Fork Arrest,” Biophysical Journal, 116 684-693 (2019). DOI.
  • H.H. Tuson, M.H. Foley, N.M. Koropatkin* and J.S. Biteen*, “The Starch Utilization System Assembles around Stationary Starch-Binding Proteins,” Biophysical Journal 114 242-250 (2018). DOI
  • Y. Liao, J.W. Schroeder, B. Gao, L.A. Simmons and J.S. Biteen, “Single-molecule motions and interactions in live cells reveal target search dynamics in mismatch repair,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 112 E6898-E6906 (2015). DOI

(2) Understanding the light-matter interactions that govern plasmon-coupled fluorescence with single-molecule and single-particle investigations of dye/nanoparticle systems.

Recent Representative Publications

  • T. Zuo, H.J. Goldwyn, B.P. Isaacoff, D.J. Masiello* and J.S. Biteen*, “Rotation of Single-Molecule Emission Polarization by Plasmonic Nanorods,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10 15047-5054 (2019). DOI.
  • S.A. Lee and J.S. Biteen, “Interplay of Nanoparticle Resonance Frequency and Array Surface Coverage in Live-Cell Plasmon-Enhanced Single-Molecule Imaging,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 5705-5709 (2018). DOI
  • B. Fu, B.P. Isaacoff, and J.S. Biteen, “Super-Resolving the Actual Position of Single Fluorescent Molecules Coupled to a Plasmonic Nanoantenna,” ACS Nano 11 8978-8987 (2017). DOI

(3) Pioneering new methods to extend the scope of single-molecule imaging to fast, directional, and confined movements in microbiology and nanotechnology.

Recent Representative Publications

  • B.P. Isaacoff, Y. Li, S.A. Lee and J.S. Biteen, “SMALL-LABS: An algorithm for measuring single-molecule intensity and position in the presence of obscuring backgrounds,” Biophysical Journal, 116 975-982 (2019). DOI. Accompanying code on Github.
  • D.J. Rowland and J.S. Biteen, “Measuring molecular motions inside single cells with improved analysis of single-particle trajectories,” Chemical Physics Letters, 674 173-178 (2017). DOI
  • H.H. Tuson, A. Aliaj, E.R. Brandes, L.A. Simmons and J.S. Biteen, “Addressing the Requirements of High Sensitivity Single-Molecule Imaging of Low-Copy Number Proteins in Bacteria,” ChemPhysChem, 17 1435-1440 (2016). DOI

Our experiments rely on deep understanding, careful sample preparation, quantitative analysis, and of course, lasers:


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