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Embed Maps with MapBox + Jetpack

Often times a Contact Page could use a map to provide context around a physical location of a lab or research office. We can now enable adding maps to your site via blocks in WordPress using the JetPack plugin with MapBox.

Mapbox is a location data platform that powers the maps and location services used in many popular apps. To see a sampling of some of these apps, visit our Built with Mapbox showcase.” To get started with MapBox you’ll need to create a free account at mapbox.com. With the JetPack plugin activated on your site you can use their extended block features. To add a map block to your page type “/map” into the page on a new line or add a new block and search “map.” Then paste your default public token in the map block and get started with adding your location details.

For help with activating JetPack and setting up MapBox please email us at LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu. Please also include a link to your site.

Below is the Jetpack Mapbox block with a black and white map style and teal marker:

Satellite view map style:

Terrain Map Style:

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