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Example Themes

We are happy to offer eight different WordPress themes to choose from:

Twenty-Twenty-One + Twentig

The Twenty-Twenty-One theme was created with full integration of block editing.

This themes comes with an additional plugin add-on called Twentig.

To get the maximum benefit of using this theme, Twentig should always be activated along with the Twenty-Twenty-One theme.

Twentig unlocks tons of theme patterns, site starter kits, block enhancements, styles and layouts, and enhanced customization options.

Both of the following themes are using the 2021 + Twentig Plugin

Astra 2

Astra is a highly customizable theme fully integrated with the latest releases from WP. It is a separate child theme from “Astra.”

This theme running on this Main WordPress site that you are viewing now is set to Astra 2.

The Astra themes include access to the Ultimate Add Ons block set plugin. These unlock tons of new features including block patterns, page starter sets, and increased functionality.

Astra theme + MQR

For example, The Michigan Quarterly Review site is built on Astra as well.

This site has design preferences set in the customizer that are applied site wide.

See the post carousel on the homepage for an example of the Ultimate Add On block plugin enabled on the site.


The original version of the Astra child theme was styled to replace the now retired Coraline theme.

Astra Original Faculty Website Example

Astra Original Research Example

Themes includes:

  • Responsive Design
  • The University of Michigan Brand Strategy
  • The LSA logo

Any questions on the selected themes can be sent to LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu

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