University of Michigan (2013-present)

  • ‘Archaeology 1’ (Anthrarc 581)
  • The Archaeology of Early Humans (Anthrarc 385)
  • African Prehistory (Anthrarc 383)

Harvard University (2012-2013)

  • The Archaeology of Small-Scale Societies (Anthropology 2250a)
  • Cornerstones: Lithics in Evolutionary Contexts (Anthropology 2036)
  • Topics in Paleolithic Archaeology and Paleoanthropology (Anthropology 1035)

University of Cambridge (2007-2012)

  • Topics in Palaeolithic Archaeology (guest lecturer)
  • The Palaeolithic of the Old World (guest lecturer)
  • Late Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology of Sub-Saharan Africa (guest lecturer)
  • The Development of Human Societies (tutor)

University of Oxford (2005-2007)

  • The Archaeology of Southern African Hunter-gatherers (guest lecturer and tutor)
  • Landscape, Ecology and Human Evolution (guest lecturer and tutor)
  • Nature of Archaeological Enquiry (guest lecturer and tutor)
  • Approaches to Human Evolution (guest lecturer and tutor)
  • Introduction to World Prehistory (guest lecturer and tutor)