The Bridwell-Rabb lab uses a combination of X-ray crystallography, enzymology, biophysical methods, and biochemical approaches to study how microbes engineer and modify light-dependent processes. Our goals are to investigate how the photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll are modified in the presence and absence of oxygen to absorb a broader range of light (Project 1), how enzymes use a common set of metallocenters to  perform one, two, or three hydroxylation reactions (Project 2), and how light-dependent gene regulation is accomplished (Project 3).

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project one molecular illustration
Project 1

Tailor the photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll to extend the usable range of photosynthetic light.


Project 2

Understand how Rieske oxygenases are structurally programmed to differentiate between catalyzing reactions with diverse outcomes.

project 3 molecular illustration
Project 3

Translate environmental light conditions into a response.