Graduate Students

Gabrielle Kubi :

Gabrielle Kubi

Gabrielle Kubi is a second year doctoral student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan, also completing a certificate in African American Diasporic Studies. She graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Human Development and minors in Education and Inequality Studies; training in community-engaged, translational positive youth development research from the Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement; and a focus on ethnic-racial educational disparities from the University of Virginia's Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Gabrielle's research explores how young Black people develop a critical consciousness and their conceptions of race based on their navigation of educational institutions, and how educational spaces can be reimagined to better support this development.

Jozet Channey :

Jozet Channey

Jozet Channey is a sixth year student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology. She is interested in human development in the context of schools, families, and communities because she believes a person's success is influenced by each of these and understanding development within them is the key to resolving social issues such as the racial gap in academic achievement.

Jessica Montoro :

Jessica Montoro

Jessica Montoro is a fifth year student in Developmental Psychology at the University of Michigan. Prior to attending graduate school, she completed a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently interested in exploring the ways in which culture and social class factors influence Latinx youth and college students' ethnic-racial identity, ethnic-racial socialization and school/college experience.

Bernardette Pinetta :

Bernardette Pinetta

Bernardette Pinetta is a fifth year student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology. She is interested in understanding how teachers can better support adolescents of color's ethnic-racial identity development and critical analysis.

Saraí Blanco :

Saraí Blanco

Saraí Blanco is a third year student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology. Her research interests broadly include ethnic-racial identity development and how parents, teachers, and mentors can support the sociopolitical development of youth of color, especially within immigrant communities.

Victoria Vezaldenos :

Victoria Vezaldenos

Victoria Vezaldenos is a second year student in the Education Studies Master's program with a concentration in Program Evaluation and Implementation Research. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Minor in Education Studies. She is interested in researching how community, family, and peer environments influence identity development processes in multiracial adolescents and young adults.

Alumni (Graduate RAs): Stephanie Miller-Tejada, Kate Morman, Sasha Mejía, Oscar Ramirez, Delina Zapata, Erika Mendez, Casta Guillaume, Bryan Montano Maceda, Mo Torres