Undergraduate Research Assistants

Sophia Grewal :

Sophia Grewal

My name is Sophia Grewal and I am a third-year student studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. I am interested in understanding the extent to which socioemotional factors influence human development, particularly children.

Ximena Mancilla :

Ximena Mancilla

I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Crime and Justice. I am interested in the mental health aspect within the criminal legal system and hope to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. In my free time, I love spending time with my friends, exploring new restaurants and playing with my cat.

Nathan Schooner :

Nathan Schooner

I am a fourth year with a concentration and psychology and a minor in Spanish. As a multi-cultural student, I am interested and looking at how an adolescent’s diversity and environment have an effect on their psychological development. In the future, I hope to pursue graduate studies in the field of developmental psychology and pursue a career working with adolescents and children in the field of psychology.

Alumni (Undergraduate RAs):  Anne Shorkey (UROP 2020-21), Alyssa Helfand (RA 2020-21), Madeline Tran (UROP 2018, RA 2018-20), Daniela Garcia (RA 2018-20), Sheyi Collier (UROP 2019-20), Valerie Martinko (UROP 2019-20), Daniella Mancilla (RA 2019-20), Tiahna Pantovich (RA 2019-20),  Rayanda Jones (RA 2019), Esther Sun (UROP 2018, RA 2018-19), Viviana Piceno (SROP 2019), Juan Sevilla (SROP 2019), Anang Modi (RA 2018), Ellen Svärdh (RA 2017-18), Emilia Prado (RA 2017-18); Kayla Strong (RA SUM2018); Jessy Navarro (SROP 2018); Christopher Platte (UROP 2017-18), Jose Lopez (UROP 2014-15; RA 2015-18), Lizbeth Diaz (RA 2017-19), Jeanette Figueroa (RA 2017-18), Eunice Park (RA 2017-18), Stephanie Stan (RA 2017-18), Nikki Penecale (RA 2017-2018), Faith Horbatch (UROP 2015-17), Mercy Tran (SROP 2017), Rachel Goldman (UROP 2016-17), Andrea Villafuerte Ballon (UROP 2015-17), Fatima Bilal (UROP 2016-17), Silan Fadlallah (UROP 2017), Sana Isaac (UROP 2014-16), Haidar Haidar (UROP 2014-15), Maria de Jesus Cisneros (SROP 2014), Tanya Kaplan (SROP 2014), Stephanie Miller (SROP 2016), Eesha Parasnis (RA2017-18), Stephanie Peña (UROP 2014), Ariana Romero (SROP 2016), Nataly Sanroman (UROP 2015-16), Lillian Slavin (SROP 2016)