Interested in looking more closely at State of Missouri v. Celia? Using these sites you can examine Celia’s story through primary historical documents and the arts.

Famous Trials at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law & Professor Douglas O. Linder feature the Celia case, including the original trial court documents. Explore this site here.

PBS and its Slavery and the Making of America feature the Celia case inviting viewers to “be the judge.” Test your own conclusions here.

Missouri Digital History provides a high quality digital version of the Celia trial documents. Go back to the original sources and find new details about the case here.

No image of Celia has survived. Discover this fascinating project created by St. Louis-based artist, Solomon Thurman. Commissioned by attorney and activist Margaret Bush Wilson, Thurman combed public archives, studied family photographs, and drew upon his artist’s inspiration to create a portrait of Celia. Have a look a Thurman’s final portrait and the related children’s book here.

Wikipedia includes a biographical entry Celia’s lead defense attorney John Jameson.

Want to place Celia’s case in historical context? This time line situates the trial in the context of Missouri’s African American history, here. The Equal Justice Initiative includes the Celia case on its racial justice time line, here.