Lab Members


Matthew Chapman : Principle Investigator

Matthew Chapman

Principle Investigator

Ph.D. Microbiology, Indiana University
Keck and NIH Fellow, Hultgren Lab, Washington University

Matt joined the MCDB faculty in September of 2003 after a post doc at Washington University in St. Louis. He did his graduate work at Indiana University where he studied RNA-dependent RNA replication. It was there that Matt became interested in the host-pathogen interaction and so he joined Scott Hultgren's lab at Washington University in order to study urinary tract infections. However, he quickly discovered that bacterial amyloid fiber formation and function were far more interesting and his group has worked on functional amyloids ever since.

His wife and two children keep him busy when he is out of the lab.

Kanna Nagamatsu : Research Laboratory Specialist Intermediate

Kanna Nagamatsu

Research Laboratory Specialist Intermediate

M.S. University of Tokyo, Japan
Ph.D. University of Tokyo, Japan

Kanna joined the Chapman lab as a staff scientist in November 2016.

She spent 6 years studying interactions between uropathogenic Escherichia coli and host immune responses in Dr. Scott Hultgren's lab at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.

Her current research is focused on bacterial amyloid (Curli) biogenesis to determine how and when curli are assembled.

She loves birds, especially her parrot, Mugi. Kanna also enjoys watching and playing tennis. She has been to NYC and watched the US Open Tennis in person many times.

Neha Jain : Postdoctoral Fellow

Neha Jain

Postdoctoral Fellow

B.S. Maharani's College
M.S. University of Rajasthan
Ph.D. IISER Mohali Punjab

Neha joined the Chapman Lab as a postdoc in January 2014 after finishing her Ph.D. with Samrat Mukhopadhyay working on amyloidogenic properties of intrinsically disordered proteins. Her current research is focused on cross-species modulation of amyloids which are involved in human neurodegenerative diseases and bacterial biofilm formation. She is trying to decipher the interactions between human and bacterial amyloids and the consequences of these interactions. She utilizes a combination of biophysical and biochemical tools to understand the mechanism of these complex interactions.

Chiamaka (Chi-Chi) Ukachukwu : Masters Student

Chiamaka (Chi-Chi) Ukachukwu

Masters Student

B.S. Georgia Tech

Chiamaka (AKA Chi-Chi) obtained her B.S. in Biochemistry and French Minor from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She joined the Chapman lab in Winter 2016 as a Masters student in the MCDB Pathways Program. Her thesis project is focused on studying the role of CsgD in biofilm formation in E. coli, specifically how it facilitates the localization and polymerization of CsgA which encodes curli structural components.

Outside of the lab you can find Chi-Chi performing spoken word, Nigerian and West African dances, and playing soccer. She also enjoys braiding/twisting hair and is an avid Naruto fan.

Janet Price : Graduate Student Researcher

Janet Price

Graduate Student Researcher

B.S. Central Michigan University
M.S. Central Michigan University

Janet is interested in the overall process by which cells sense, internalize, and transduce environmental cues to initiate biofilm formation. Her project focuses on oxygen availability and redox state dependent affects on extracellular matrix component production.

When Janet has the time, she can be found playing videogames, reading over a cup of tea, or amassing her beloved shoe collection.

Sujeet Bhoite : Graduate Student Researcher

Sujeet Bhoite

Graduate Student Researcher

B.S. University of Pune
M.S. Hislop School of Biotechnology

Sujeet just finished his first year as an MCDB student and has decided to join the Chapman lab! Sujeet is interested in studying amyloid cross-seeding and interspecies interactions.

Elizabeth Gichana : Graduate Student Researcher

Elizabeth Gichana

Graduate Student Researcher

We are excited that Elizabeth has chosen the Chapman lab! Elizabeth is a Biophysics student with a strong background in molecular simulations. She is currently working on chemical modulators of amyloid formation.

Maya Deshmukh : Undergraduate Researcher

Maya Deshmukh

Undergraduate Researcher

Maya is working with Maggie on characterizing new chemical and protein inhibitors of functional amyloid assembly. Maya is a junior in LS&A working on her double major Cellular and Molecular Biology and Art and Design.

Alhakam (Hakam) Nouri : Undergraduate Researcher

Alhakam (Hakam) Nouri

Undergraduate Researcher

Hakam transferred here from Michigan State University where he was a member of Dr. Neal Hammer's group. Hakam is working with Janet to learn more about the role of the ubiquitous molecule c-di-GMP in biofilm formation through the study of different matrix regulatory genes.

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