As a new hire at UM, I’m awaiting renovation of a stable isotope and elemental analysis lab that I will share with two other faculty and their research teams (Sierra Peterson and K.C. Lohman). This renovation will be complete in early 2019. The new facility will house up to 6 mass spectrometers for stable isotope work and an ICP-AES for elemental analyses, and provide a welcoming space for collaboration and learning among students, postdocs, technical specialists, and faculty.


We anticipate delivery of a new Thermo Delta V mass spectrometer and Kiel carbonate preparation device in August 2018 (to be used in temporary quarters until spring 2019). Our main focus is to measure the stable isotope composition of coral and cave carbonate samples. We can also support outside users for carbonate analyses; please contact us for the latest sample rates and turnaround time.


We run a Thermo ICAP 7400 ICP-AES for routine elemental analysis of carbonates. Our main focus is to measure trace elements and transition metals in coral and cave carbonate samples, however we can measure trace elements in a variety of sample types. Please contact us for the latest sample rates and availability.