Data Sharing: fMRI Whole-brain datasets from “Alice in Wonderland”

Shohini Bhattasali has led the tremendous effort to make available the full whole-brain fMRI datasets recorded as part of the Alice in Wonderland project conducted in collaboration between our lab and John Hale’s lab (Cornell, U Georgia). Raw and preprocessed recordings from from 29 participants are available alongside code and stimuli at the OpenNeuro repository:

The dataset is described in the following publication:

Bhattasali, Shohini and Brennan, Jonathan and Luh, Wen-Ming and Franzluebbers, Berta and Hale, John (2020). The Alice Datasets: fMRI & EEG Observations of Natural Language Comprehension. Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference.

A subset of these data had previously been made available as time-courses from selected ROIs.