2019 Early Career Scientists Symposium

15th Annual University of Michigan ECSS

Stable Isotopes in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan is pleased to present an exciting international symposium to be held Saturday, March 16, 2019 in 1060 Biological Sciences Building, 1105 North University Ave., Central Campus, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Stable isotopes of common and trace elements have a wide range of applications in modern and ancient ecosystems. The ratios of rare to common isotopes are used to gain insights about nutrient cycling in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems, dietary ecology of modern and fossil animals, vegetation and climates of the past, life histories of long-lived organisms, evolution of photosynthetic pathways, and movement ecology. The ECSS committee includes faculty, postdoc, and graduate students from EEB, the Museum of Paleontology, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences to highlight some of our common interests.

The symposium will feature both established and novel uses of stable isotopes across a wide range of organisms, ecosystems, and time periods. Our goal is to create a program with contributions from evolutionary biologists, plant and animal physiologists, paleobiologists, ecosystem ecologists, and conservation biologists. The program will include two keynote talks by senior speakers and six talks by early-career speakers. 

STUDENTS (grad and undergrad) and POSTDOCS from ALL UNIVERSITIES are invited to present their RESEARCH POSTERS on ANY TOPIC. See this link for further information.

Thank you!

ECSS 2019 Committee
Jake Allgeier, EEB
Giorgia Auteri, EEB
Catherine Badgley, EEB and Museum of Paleontology, ECSS Committee Chair
Dan Fisher, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Paleo, and EEB
Katie Loughney, EEB and Paleo
Knute Nadelhoffer, EEB and UMBS
Ben Passey, EARTH
Bian Wang, EARTH and Paleo

Administrative support
Event coordination: Molly Hunter
Event promotion: Gail Kuhnlein
Graphic design/art: John Megahan
Photography: Dale Austin

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