Speakers – Early Career Scientists Symposium


Dr. Jen Lau
Indiana University, Assistant Professor
“How global changes alter species interactions and what that means for plant evolution”
Email: jenlau@iu.edu
Dr. Susana Wadgymar
Davidson College, Assistant Professor of Biology
“Forecasting the migratory potential and range-wide population dynamics of species experiencing climate change”
Email: suwadgymar@davidson.edu


Dr. Meredith Zettlemoyer 
University of Georgia, Postdoctoral Researcher
Consequences of phenological shifts for performance across biological scales
Email: meredith.zettlemoyer25@uga.edu
Dr. Carrie Tribble
University of Hawai`i at Mānoa and the University of Kentucky, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
“Macroevolutionary consequences of going underground: How belowground structures allow plants to thrive in seasonal climates”
Email: ctribble09@gmail.com 
Dr. James Santangelo 
University of California Berkeley, Postdoctoral fellow
“Adaptation to the world’s urban jungles in a cosmopolitan plant”
Email: james.santangelo37@gmail.com 
Dr. Lindsey Kemmerling
University of Minnesota
Restored prairie strips support biodiversity and ecosystem services in row crop farms
Email: kemmerlinglindsey@gmail.com 
Dr. Constance Bolte 
Penn State University, Postdoctoral Scholar
Finding hope through hybrid zones: adaptive introgression facilitates rapid evolutionary responses to climate change
Email: ceb6313@psu.edu 
Dr. Dan Anstett 
Michigan State University, Research Associate
Using landscape genomics to study adaptation to climate change
Email: anstett3@msu.edu 

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