2006 Young Scientists Symposium: Microevolutionary Processes Underlying Biodiversity – Early Career Scientists Symposium

2006 Young Scientists Symposium: Microevolutionary Processes Underlying Biodiversity

On Saturday May 6, 2006, The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Michigan will sponsor the University of Michigan Young Scientists Symposium.  This one-day symposium is focused on the topic of microevolutionary processes underlying biodiversity.  Eight outstanding young scientists will present current research on the genetics and evolutionary processes underlying phenotypic diversity, reproductive isolation and speciation across a wide range of plants and animals. The symposium will end with a plenary talk “Allele frequency and the size of allelic effects” by Dr. Andrew Clark of Cornell University, a leader in the field of evolutionary genetics.


Jianzhi George Zhang  jianzhi@umich.edu
Priscilla Tucker  ptuck@umich.edu
Patricia Wittkopp wittkopp@umich.edu
Ondrej Podlaha  opodlaha@umich.edu

Invited Speakers

Hopi Hoekstra Assistant Professor, University of California -San Diego
Kirsten Bomblies Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute
Scott Rifkin Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Matt Hahn Assistant Professor, University of Indiana
Daniel Bolnick Assistant Professor, University of Texas – Austin
Briana Gross Graduate Student, University of Indiana
Patrik Nosil Graduate Student, Simon Fraser University
Daven Presgraves Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Andrew Clark Professor, Cornell University

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