2016 Speaker News

If you are a past speaker and would like to share or update your news, please email eeb-webinfo@umich.edu.

Rachel Germain is now a joint Biodiversity/Killam Postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia. The project that she presented at the 2016 ECSS was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Her current research tests how species’ histories of competitive interactions have driven evolutionary divergence through the phenomenon of character displacement (CD).

Tadashi Fukami published the work he presented at the symposium (Dhami, Hartwig, and Fukami 2016, Proceedings of the Royal Society B) and is working on a book on the symposium theme, frontiers in community assembly (contract with Princeton University Press).

Luke Mahler will be a keynote speaker at the ForBio Annual Biosystematics Meeting in Bergen, Norway in April 2017. Following the meeting, he will also offer a short workshop in phylogenetic comparative methods.

Andy Rominger will be starting as an Omidyar Fellow at the Sante Fe Institute in July 2017. He continues to work on the intersection of ecological and evolutionary dynamics from the perspective of statistical mechanics of non-equilibrial systems.