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Attica Were it not for his silver hair, the well-thought-out words/ “kill more of em” the question of who made em growing deeper in a mind tethered to machinery, a mind invested in white as human, more than em could ever be. Were it not

Ode to Maria Barbosa

Why I Chose It: Michigan Quarterly Review Reader Bryan Byrdlong introduces Kathryn Nuernberger’s “Ode to Maria Barbosa” from our Fall 2020 Issue. In “Ode to Maria Barbosa” the titular Maria appears almost as a collage, framed by multiple women from different eras (including the author herself). The

Mom vs. the Cholas

When I imagine it, I first picture the twisted fence, her body warping wire, lava nails pushing her face so deep into metal a cheek pressed through a pentagon. And I assume she was wearing one of her two outfits. But before I get into

After My Honeymoon

To read Charles Cantalupo’s full author note on “After My Honeymoon,” click here. After My Honeymoon After our wonderful wedding, for our honeymoon we stayed At my new in-laws and, when it ended, as was tradition, I had to live with my mother. In 1971,