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Current Issue | 63.1

Cozy up with our Winter 2024 issue, featuring the winner of our inaugural James A. Winn Prize in Nonfiction, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, plus more nonfiction by Yvonne Conza, T Bambrick, and J. D. Scrimgeour; fiction by Emma Binder, Nitya Gupta, Sheba Karim, and Spencer Hyde; and poetry by Wendy Chen, Jaime Jaramillo Escobar, Marilyn Hacker, L. A. Johnson, Timothy Liu, and many more!

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Read excerpts and full pieces of fiction, essays, poetry, and visual art.

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Winter 2024 | Samuel Cheney Reads "The Goetheanum" MQR Sound

  1. Winter 2024 | Samuel Cheney Reads "The Goetheanum"
  2. Winter 2024 | Wendy Chen Reads "Hyperdream (The Wasp)"
  3. Winter 2024 | L.A. Johnson Reads “In a Rain of Flowers”
  4. Winter 2024 | Joshua Robbins Reads “Philomela in Texas”

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Michigan Quarterly Review, founded in 1962,  is an interdisciplinary and international literary journal, combining distinctive voices in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as works in translation. The flagship literary journal of the University of Michigan, our magazine embraces creative urgency and cultural relevance, aiming to challenge conventions and address long-overdue conversations. As we continue to promote an expansive and inclusive vision, we seek work from established and emerging writers with diverse aesthetics and experiences.

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