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The Loneliness of Animals

I don’t think I know what it feels like I know I don’t     to drag one’s self so slowly “like a zombie” down a cracked hard, rock-cut creek bed      in Illinois to be lifted     still churning one’s legs to be the subject of such testing:

The Sea Fools You

The sea fools you. The Turkish coast is across from where we stand on Chios island. It doesn’t look like it is that far away. Only a few kilometers separate us. When the weather is calm, is it worth 1,500 Euros per person to put

Advocating Now: An Interview with Elizabeth Rush

“…I am also a little tired of offering reassurance. Because I don’t want to reassure people so that they go home feeling vaguely optimistic. What I want is for more people to recognize the urgency of the present moment and become involved in climate activism in their local communities.”

Hand Washing

I would wash my hands
After opening the refrigerator
And looking in at the lunchmeat and tomatoes,
The blimp-shaped pickles in cloudy water.

New World Alphabet

Xeriscaping. Gardening with minimal water. Xeriscaping is unpopular with many Americans who see grass as a symbol of prosperity, community, beauty, and safety.

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