Mission & News

The Center promotes the teaching and development of inquiry-based learning in mathematics at the University of Michigan.  This learning method emphasizes discovery, analysis, and investigation to deepen students’ understanding of the material and its applications. Students learn through guided exploration with the help of experienced instructors.

The Center further trains post-doctoral faculty and graduate students in inquiry-based teaching methods and conducts outreach and assessment efforts.

2023 Workshop

IBL WORKSHOP  –   August 8 -10, 1pm-4pm   –   on zoom

Active Learning with an Equity Focus

This workshop series will provide opportunities for participants to develop plans for implementing and/or refining active learning instructional approaches. Generative discussion and collaboration around the development of classroom activities and instructional plans will be a central aspect of the workshop. We will engage with strategies and potential challenges for cultivating a strong and inclusive mathematics learning community.
PRESENTERS: Nancy Press, Matthew Voigt, Rebecca Machen, Antonio Martinez, Wendy Smith
Please visit the workshop website for further information and registration. 

MIIBL – August 2022 Workshop

AMIIBL WORKSHIP – 2021 – This workshop was held on zoom and attracted many instructors from nearby and afar.





Winner of the 2022 Louise Hay Award:  Vilma Mesa
The AWM (Association for Women in mathematics) awarded the 2022 Louise Hay Award to Vilma Mesa, in part for her contribution to IBL instruction:Hay Award 2022 – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)