Archive of Papers from Nameless Internal Seminar

The Nefarious Helping Hand
Justin Magouirk-September 13

The Helping Hand Supplements the Sword
Justin Magouirk-September 13

Bargaining Rigidities and the Rationality of War
Thomas Chadefaux-September 26

Political Conflicts in the Shadow of Violence
Jiyun Kim-October 11

Culture, Institutional Performance, and Path Dependence
Jenna Bednar and Scott Page-October 25

Institutionally Structured Preferences over Macroeconomic Outcomes and the Selection of Policy Instruments
Dominick Wright-December 13

Redundancy in Federal Systems
Jenna Bednar-January 17

Norm Enforcement, Dependence Structures and the International Criminal Court
Jay Goodliffe-January 24

Lobbying Across Venues and Policies
Fred Boehmke-January 31

Institutional Design, Ratification, and Compliance in the International Climate Change Regime
Jana Von Stein-February 7

Governments and Growth: Size Matters
Rob Salmond-February 21

Policy Leadership in Federations
Ken Kollman-March 7

Figures for “Policy Leadership in Federations”
Ken Kollman-March 7

The Timing of First Violations of the Laws of War
Jim Morrow-March 14

Particularism and Public Goods
Allen Hicken and Joel Simmons-March 21

The Representation of the Poor
Karen Long Jusko-April 4

Democracies in Crisis 
Scott Helfstein, Neill Mohammad, and Dominick Wright-April 25

International Coordination Through Trigger Punishment
Gaye Muderrisoglu-May 9

When Can Politicians Scare Citizens Into Supporting Bad Policies?
Skip Lupia with Jesse Menning-May 16

The Effect of Democratic Political Institutions on Political Violence in Different Societal Settings
Kharis Templeman-October 23, 2009 (coauthored with Joel Selway)