Welcome to the Montgomery Group at the University of Michigan. We specialize in the discovery and development of enabling technologies for organic synthesis, typically using transition metal catalysis. We also have active programs in catalyst and ligand design, total synthesis, biocatalysis, and carbohydrate chemistry. Our multidisciplinary approach is grounded in organic chemistry, with components strengthened by inorganic chemistry, chemical biology, and medicinal chemistry.

Group News

Ni(0) catalysts available from Strem

  Three Ni(0)-NHC catalysts described in ACS Catalysis are now available for purchase from Strem. Check out the technical brochure, try them in your applications, and let us know if we can provide any advice about their use!

Congrats Dr. Eric Wiensch

Congratulations to Eric Wiensch on successfully defending his thesis!

Congrats Dr. Hilary Kerchner

Congratulations to Hilary Kerchner on successfully defending her thesis!

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