Use of Large Class Lecture Recordings

In his large classes of introductory organic chemistry, Professor Montgomery records both the lectures and the evening open discussions (office hours). The following document provides student feedback on the presentation format (document camera vs. chalkboard), how the recordings impact attendance, how the students say they use the recordings, how frequently the recordings are used, and advice from students to other students on how to use the recordings effectively. Additionally the document summarizes the substantial benefit seen for select student groups, including students with disabilities, student-athletes, students who experienced family emergencies and medical issues during the term, and students with childcare responsibilities and inflexible work schedules. Feel free to contact Prof. Montgomery if you have questions about these teaching strategies.

Presentation download

The YouTube link below provides a 4 minute video illustrating how Professor Montgomery uses the lecture capture system and integrates it into his class Canvas site.

Lecture capture demonstration

Instructions from LSA Technology Services on requesting Lecture Capture (current as of 03/12/20, check here for updates).
Faculty who normally use Lecture Capture for their courses and plan to use their “regular class time” to record lectures with Lecture Capture to post to Canvas are welcome to continue to use the classrooms at their regularly scheduled times. Regular classrooms will be open during regular hours for faculty who have lecture capture scheduled in them. If you teach in an auditorium and want to record lectures at your regularly scheduled class time, please confirm as soon as possible with your Technician, as you will still need assistance and auditorium support. You can call 734.615.0100 [Prompt 1]. This includes Thursday March 12 and Friday March 13, which are our official “transition days.” Please do not take a different class time slot without talking to someone from the Lecture Capture team first: 734.615.0100 [Prompt 1].