A Whole Lot of Love Poetry

If I were to weigh the scales

would you come closer?

just a little?

If I weighed them in your favor

gave you the power

Or would you stay where you are


gently complacent



You always are


If I gave you my name

what would it amount to

against yours

against your name

on my lips


Did you know that

when your mother named you

She looked to the stars

begged the cosmos for a perfect name


If I gave you all this shitty love poetry

all the songs I can pull from the ether

all the lyrics and the rhymes

that come from the times

I just want to protect you

you know that, right?


I just want to be happier for you

Kinder for you

Gentler for you

Stronger for you

Smarter for you

Less foul-mouthed for you Fuck!

I’m sorry! I’m sorry

(I had to get that out before I’m in too deep)


A friend said to me that

for someone who’s never been love

he sure does write a lot of love poetry

And, y’know, it’s funny

I had had the same thought earlier

that week

moments before I met you

And now I care for you

and I want to protect you


But I wish I could tip the scales in

my favor

Because I am selfish and proud

and at least that’s what magazines tell me

When I’m in the check-out line at Wal-Mart

and I’m getting second-hand,

watered down love advice

From Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore

of all people


Do you think they write shitty love poetry?

or do they have their assistant do it?

Because all I want to do

is protect you

from all the thrifted love advice

Because I don’t want you to love me that way

Is that really so much to ask?


But, then again, I did tip the scales toward you


But, my love, let me warn you

let me tell you this

at the very least

there are those here that will tear you apart

and inside down and upside out

And I am caught between letting it happen

or saving you now

or both

Because maybe if I save you in the aftermath

you will come closer finally

and is that selfish?

and is it proud

to be terrified by the idea

of someone else protecting you?


Because there are seraphims and sycophants

all around you, my love

And I do not know how to destroy them

how to vanquish them

how to shoot them down from floating all around you


For someone who’s never been in love

I sure do write a lot of love poetry


Did you, uh, did you know that Queen once released a song it’s called “Body Language”

It’s all basslines and it’s in 4/4 tempo

One, two, three, four

Two, two, three, four

Three, two, three, four

Four, two, three, four

And Freddie Mercury, of course it’s Freddie mercury,

he’s on the mic

and he says “body language”

And that’s it, those are the words

I sure do write a lot of love poetry

for someone who’s never been in love

And I don’t know if I’m talking about me or you


Maddie Agne :

Maddie Agne

Maddie Agne is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan and LSWA-- she hails from Tennessee and majors in Creative Writing and Literature. She didn't formally add "poet" to her repertoire until coming to Michigan, but still hopes her poetry extends a warm (or cold) welcome to readers of Pause.