Miller Lab Mentoring Philosophy

I want to guide you to get the training you need to be successful in your next step, whether that is grad school, med school, postdoc, faculty position, research scientist, biotech/pharma scientist, scientific writing, etc. I am more knowledgeable about some paths than others, but if I don’t have the expertise you need, I will try to connect you with others who may be experts in the area you’re particularly interested in. There are certain skills in which everyone who works in the lab must gain expertise, and these skills will be useful no matter what your future plans entail. These include: reading the literature and thinking about science, designing and carrying out good experiments, critically thinking about your own data and that of others, communicating your data to others in written and verbal presentations, and working with others in the lab toward a common goal. I will help you gain these skills during your time in the lab. I expect that you will be self-motivated and work hard during this training time and be driven as you work toward your own future goals. I also care about your well-being as a person and encourage your efforts to find balance in life. The mentoring relationship is a two way street, and therefore I expect that we will each respect each other, our time, and our ideas. It is my goal to guide you in your training; at the same time, I look forward to gaining new knowledge and insights from you as we work together.

Ann’s advice on preparing for your Postdoc

Ann’s advice on the Faculty Job Search

Opportunities for Postdocs in the Miller Lab
Interested postdoctoral candidates should email Dr. Ann Miller with a cover letter describing why they are interested in the Miller Lab and what projects they might want to work on along with a CV and the names of three references.*

Opportunities for Graduate Students in the Miller Lab
Prospective graduate students should apply through either:
The Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) or
The Program in Biomedical Science (PIBS)
Please email Dr. Ann Miller if you are a current graduate student interested in rotating in the Miller Lab.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in the Miller Lab
There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research in the Miller Lab – for the experience, for credit (MCDB300, MCDB400, UROP), or for work study. Our lab prefers undergraduates to start working in our lab during their sophomore year so that they can be trained and continue to work in our lab throughout the rest of their college career, but all students are welcome to apply. Please email Dr. Ann Miller if you are an undergraduate interested in working in the lab.


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