Yohanca Delgado

  Evanescent Dolores When the alarm bleats at five, she gathers herself, swings her legs over the side of her single bed, and slips her feet into waiting slippers. Her back hurts, and she’s still tired. But she shuffles across the room to the stove and spoons Bustelo into her silver coffeemaker. She turns on …

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M.E. Bronstein

The Electric Gate This is the cover of Ada’s copy of Beyond the Gate of Bone by Madeleine J. Anscombe.  The important details: A stain born during a very boring dinner party. Ada always reads under the table even though her mother has told her not to be rude and could you please try to …

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Morgan Thomas

  Hitching Walk on the right side of the road in a taffeta dress with a parasol on your shoulder, and people will make assumptions. They’ll think you’re down on your luck. They’ll think you’re lost. They’ll think they’re doing you a favor pulling off the road to offer a ride. He pulled off. He …

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