The Michigan Journal of Political Science is a student-run, peer-reviewed publication, established in 1981 with the goal of discussing current issues and topics in the field of Political Science through highlighting undergraduate work, in a non-partisan and academic manner. As a University of Michigan undergraduate institution, we use our affiliation with the Department of Political Science to continue expanding the reach and impact of the Journal. Our Journal publishes a collection of articles within the four political science categories as recognized by the University of Michigan Department of Political Science: American Politics, International Politics, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. In this edition, the Journal grew as we received over 100 submissions from dozens of Universities around the world. We will continue our tradition of seeking unique, well-argued undergraduate papers in political science. We are proud to publish our newest edition, and we thank every student who submitted a paper for consideration.

If you would like to submit a paper for consideration, please visit our submissions page. Sources must be cited in Chicago 17th style.