Welcome to Ming Li Lab

Group photo, 04/23

We study protein quality control of the lysosomal membrane and lysosome biogenesis in the context of neurodegeneration, cancer, and lysosome storage diseases. We aim to make exciting discoveries that will stand the test of time.

We are recruiting one graduate student and one postdoc fellow to study human lysosomes. Please get in touch with Prof. Li for the details.

Recent news

12/17/23, We received a grant from the Cystinosis Research Foundation. Cheers!

12/13/23, Peach’s third first-author paper was accepted by MBoC. Congratulations!

11/07/23, Former graduate student Felichi Mae(Peach) Arines is selected as a Helen Hay Whitney postdoctoral fellow! Congratulations!

10/25/23, Haikun Zhao started rotation in the lab. Welcome to Haikun!

08/28/23, Our cystinosis study was featured by a news release from the school news office. Congratulations to the first author, Varsha, and all other contributors.


08/01/23, Visiting student Mai Li joined the lab. Welcome!

07/12/23, Varsha’s cystinosis paper was accepted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Congratulations!

06/30/23, Postdoc Xi Yang signed the offer from Denver University. Congratulations!

06/15/23, Postdoc Xiaoting Dong joined the lab. Welcome!

04/28/23, our undergrads, Francisco and Bokai, both graduated with high honors! Bokai also received the Program in Biology Director’s Award! Congratulations!

04/07/23, our undergrad, Francisco Narro Garcia, received offers from many medical schools. Washington University School of Medicine even offered him a full scholarship. He can go to a top medical school for free. It is a rare honor for medical school applicants. Congratulations!

04/07/23, our undergrad, Bokai Zhang, accepted an offer from the Ph.D. program at Rockefeller University. Besides Rockefeller, Bokai also received offers from Harvard, UC Berkeley, UPenn, Vanderbilt, etc. Congratulations!

04/05/23, postdoc Xi Yang received a second offer for a tenure track assistant professor position from the medical school at UWV. Congratulations!

03/31/23, graduate student Peach Arines’ third first-author paper is submitted.

03/02/23, graduate student Weichao Zhang received the 2022 ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award. Only 10 out of ~800 Ph.D. students from the University are selected each year. 

02/28/23, postdoc Xi Yang received an offer for a tenure track assistant professor position from Denver University. Congratulations!

10/17/22, The Ming Li lab had a blast at the annual MCDB Retreat by winning many awards! Vasha: Best afternoon talk and MCDB Teaching Award! Liang: Best poster award! Xi: Best morning talk! Congratulations to all! I am proud of you guys!

08/29/22, graduate student Weichao’s second paper was accepted by Nature Communications. Congratulations!

04/28/22, graduate student Peach published a method paper at STAR Protocols. Congratulations!

06/21/21 Our undergrad Lucas Reist received the highest honor for his honors thesis! Congratulations!