MQR Issue 63:2 | Spring 2024 – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR Issue 63:2 | Spring 2024


  • .CHISARAOKWU. | Mmiri; Mmiri II; Wade; Mmiri III; from Liminal Spaces, 2023
  • Fairuz al-Okley, trans. Khaled Mattawa | My Whole Life Is Wrapped around My Waist
  • Afua Ansong | Armor of Light; Light in Exile; [Stay Alone with the Body]
  • Nana Asma’u, trans. Mary-Alice Daniel | Begging for Rain; Certain Truth
  • Ìfẹ́olúwa Àyàndélé | The Fog is the Ghost of My Grandfather
  • Kwame Dawes | Walk ‘Bout; Stations of My Cross 1
  • Saddiq Dzukogi | Bakandamiya XI.; Bakandamiya IX.; Bakandamiya
  • Dalia Elhassan | On Sudan National TV, A Woman Appears in Darfur; The Khartoum School
  • Rasaq Malik Gbolahan | Rest in Peace, Beloveds (II)
  • Isra Hassan | Archetype: The Scapegoat
  • Patron Henekou, trans. Patron Henekou and Connie Voisine | The Alphabet, A Poem for a Child in a Painting, Lincoln at the End of the Runway
  • Omotara James | My Mother Is Already Mourning the First Black Person to Be Lynched in Space; Erasure in Tongues
  • Gabriel Awuah Mainoo | Reclamation; The Season & The Throat
  • Hana Meron | Abugidarian in Addis Ababa; Wax & Gold
  • Elizabeth Mudenyo | Mom Makes Time
  • Migwi Mwangi | Echoes of Sula in a Moi Avenue Salon; In Search of Wa Muthoni’s Garden
  • Sharon Neema | Here (1º 00′ N and 38º 00′ E)
  • Tolu Ogunlesi | Skymachine; Scenes: Go-Slow, Kara Bridge, Saturday Afternoon
  • Georgio Russell | Immigrana
  • Shahilla Shariff | Aria; Exile; Homecoming
  • Matthew Shenoda | Capitalism’s Migration
  • Jasmine Tabor | Black Things, A Series


  • Heran Abate | Hager Fikir | ሐገር ፍቅር
  • Leye Adenle | The House of Oluawo
  • Amira-Géhanne Khalfallah, trans. Amira-Géhanne Khalfallah and Jennifer Grotz | The Last Voyage of Ibn Battûta
  • Tom Olali, trans. Richard Prins | The People of Gehenna
  • Amal Sewtohul, trans. Nadiyah Abdullatif and Thomas Feige | Service to Mauritius
  • Chika Unigwe | Miracle in Lagos Traffic


  • Faith Adiele | BEGIN. AGAIN.
  • Chiké Frankie Edozien | Side Pieces
  • C. A. Ekhelar | Anecdotes on the Use of Cable-Knit Sweaters for Resurrection
  • Emelda Nyaradzai Gwitimah | My Hairdresser Is Dead
  • Glen Retief | Ghost Fish
  • Mwanabibi Sikamo | Let Them Eat Kandolo
  • Jérôme Tubiana and Damien Roudeau | For All the Gold in the Sahara

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