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City Settles Lawsuit Over Handcuffed Man Killed By Police. i choose to believe he’s an angel. not that this death is heroic. there is no honor in dying this way. 2 Of The Officers Involved In George Floyd’s Death Will Testify During Federal Civil Rights Trial. whose rights are civil. i tell my nephew to …

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Pandemic Playground

May 2020 Weeds creep up the slide, the jungle gym, and the swings hang twisted, bound together, off-limits now, like the grade school—the one where I go to vote, the one my sons attended. I used to watch them climb the slide—slip and laugh, scramble their way up—fighting gravity. Next week, my younger son—teaching 5th …

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At My Niece’s Birthday Party, 1,431 Miles North of Guantánamo

six-year-olds play “Tape the Heart on the Tin-Man,” red cardboard held out to a concrete wall. They’re blindfolded but unbruised, protective parents gathering close behind, whispering about waterboarding & imperialism’s risks, the possibilities one day these kids might do the blindfolding. Gretchen slaps her ripped heart upon the gray space destined for it, a blood-red …

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