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MQR Sound

Some things are better seen and heard. Listen to author-recorded performances of poems from recent MQR issues.

Fall 2022 | Arnisha Royston Reads "Headlines” MQR Sound

Arnisha Royston reads her poem "Headlines", from MQR'S Fall 2022 special issue 'Fractured Union: American Democracy on the Brink'.
  1. Fall 2022 | Arnisha Royston Reads "Headlines”
  2. Fall 2022 | Victoria Stitt Reads "coolbaugh township, PA”
  3. Fall 2022 | Victoria Stitt Reads "again this week, they killed another child who looked like my brother”
  4. Fall 2022 | Jonathan Greenhause Reads "At my niece’s birthday party, 1,431 miles north of Guantánamo”
  5. Summer 2022 | Gabriella Fee Reads "Dear Boy"
  6. Summer 2022 | Lauren Eggert-Crowe Reads "Queen of Any World That Took Me"
  7. Summer 2022 | Rebecca Levi Reads "Mateo"
  8. Summer 2022 | Debora Kuan Reads "Reputations, Or After Trying to Imagine My Daughter at 18"
  9. Summer 2022 | Tyler Moore Reads "Bauhaus"
  10. Summer 2022 | Ashley Crout Reads "Every Fresh Loss Resurrects All Losses"
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