MQR Issue 60:2, Spring 2021 – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR Issue 60:2, Spring 2021

Spring 2021 (MQR60) Issue Cover with MQR 60 Logo

MQR 60:2 | Emerging Voices

Table of Contents


Khaled Mattawa: Celebrating Our Emerging Writers


  • Anitha Ahmed: Couplets by Ghalib
  • Samantha Barron: Everybody Wins
  • Anu Kandikuppa: Everything is Going to Come
  • Annell López: The End of the World as We Know It


  • Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom: Elegy for Fox Island
  • Risë Kevalshar Collins: Shabda
  • Mette Harrison: The Year I Was a Boy
  • Justin Hunt: Cold War Prairie
  • Eliza Grace Martin: Stillborn
  • Michael McAllister: Off-Grid


  • Yasmeen Alkishawi: Billie Eilish Breaks the Bold in her Baggy Clothes: What They Don’t Tell You About Covering Up; On Google Maps, Palestine is Nowhere to be Found
  • Darius Atefat-Peckham: This Happens
  • Kristene Kaye Brown: Why I Stopped Watering the Plants
  • Lyn Li Che: Trying to Move On
  • Christian J. Collier: In the Spectral Hour
  • Johnna St Cyr: My Windshield Saga (Version 8 Because Every Time I Write a Draft the Damage is Worse Than the Estimate)
  • James Dunlap: Since My Daddy Died, I’ve Embraced the Notion of Ghosts; Folk Ways
  • Stephanie Glazier: Would That I Were
  • Spencer Hupp: Twilight Devotional, Southwest Little Rock
  • David Hutcheson: Crow
  • Amanda Larson: 22, Without Child
  • Yuxi Lin: Gametes
  • Thomas Renjilian: To Draw a Straight Line
  • Katie Schmid: Apartment Hunting
  • Sreshtha Sen: Summer is Upon Us
  • Samyak Shertok: The Tea-Maker
  • Erin Slaughter: At the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River
  • Larisa Svirsky: Little Match Girl
  • Dujie Tahat: Per Reports from the Southern Border
  • Janelle Tan: Wherever We are From, Wherever We are Going
  • Innas Tsuroiya: Ghazal: Like Flowers
  • Yun Wei: Into the Moraine

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